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Bicycle Fitting

Proper bike fit is essential for comfortable, efficient riding.The Fit Kit is a collection of precision tools and data that allow us to efficiently, discreetly and precisely measure you to determine your exact frame size (seat-tube length and angle, and top-tube length) and the proper adjustments for the points where you contact your bicycle.

A Perfect Bicycle Fit

A proper bicycle fit could be the determining factor whether you enjoy or not enjoy a cycling experience. A bicycle which does not fit a person properly can cause pain in the body and less control of the bicycle. A professional bicycle fit at Southwest Bikes using the fit kit system will greatly enhance you road bike, mountain bike or triathlon bike experience in performance and comfort.

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Measurement and Consultation - $35

We will take your measurements and enter the data into the Fit Kit system. Based on your age, flexibility and physical condition we can create a profile of your needs and give you a consultation and recommendation on a bicycle and size which fits your requirements and goals.

It is highly recommended you arrive for this in cycling clothes. The measurements are in very small deviations and street clothes will give an inaccurate measurement. Our associates are highly trained and professional and will offer very good, sound advice. Keep in mind, this is a starting point and as your fitness and flexibility change, so does your fit. We will adjust our recommendations after the original consultation at no additional charge.

Performance Bike Fit - $50

The Performance Fit puts you on your bicycle or one in our shop you are interested in purchasing. Using the Original Fit Kit measuring tools we will size the bike to you and your precise body type. We measure a wide variety of data on this fit including body measurements to bicycle size ratios as well as observing riding style and imperfections. We will expertly offer advice on developing bad habits and good habits and offer suggestions on what you can do to enhance your bicycle fit.

If you are being fitted to your already owned bicycle, often the bicycle is not the correct size to begin with. Many times we are able to change some items on the bike to make it a good fit for you.

If you are scheduling a Precision Bicycling Fit from us it is highly recommended you wear your cycling apparel for the fitting including shoes and pedals. If you do not have these items initially but plan on riding with these in the future we will make the recommendation initially and adjust accordingly afterwards. A performance fit can be performed on any Mountain Bike, Road Bike or Triathlon Bike. Please reserve in advance and allow about one hour for this.


Measurement, Consultation and Performance Bike Fit Together Price $75


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