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New Bikes for Spring
Bianchi Impulso 105 - 2017

Yearning for long days on the road, Bianchi's Impulso 105 will leave you… [more]

Scott Sub Cross 20 Men - 2017

For touring through the countryside and running errands in the city,… [more]

Bianchi Impulso Dama 105 - 2016/2017

Yearning for long days on the road, Bianchi's Impulso Dama 105 will leave… [more]

Bianchi Oltre XR.1 Ultegra Di2 - 2017

If you yearn for an intuitive steering, fast climbing, stable descending… [more]

Scott Contessa Spark 720 - 2017

There's no trail you can't tackle on the confidence-inspiring Scott… [more]

Sun Bicycles Baja Cruz 7 - Women's - 2017

With a step-through steel frame, 7 speeds, and massive, go-anywhere tires,… [more]

WeThePeople Avenger 26 - 2017

The Avenger takes classic BMX heritage and scales it up to a 26-inch beach… [more]

Salsa Warbird Carbon Rival - 2017

Warbird is designed to survive and thrive on anything from the… [more]

Scott Addict 30 Disc - 2017

The Scott Addict 30 Disc makes no concessions in its desire to be number… [more]

Salsa Timberjack 27.5+ X1 - 2017

Timberjack absolutely owns all paths—wooded, skinny, and flowy, making you… [more]

Fuji Supreme Elite - 2017

Snap out of corners as you weave through the field in a high-speed… [more]

Salsa Pony Rustler GX1 - 2017

The Salsa Pony Rustler GX1 is a backcountry leader on the hunt for epic… [more]

Bianchi C-Sport 4 Disc - 2017

The "C" in C-Sport 4 Disc could stand for a lot of things. "Cruising,"… [more]

Fuji Tahoe 29 1.5 - 2017

Looking for a nimble, capable hardtail that can do it all? Take Fuji's… [more]

Bianchi Strada - 2017

The Strada is based on Bianchi's classic double-butted steel frames and… [more]

Fuji Traverse 1.1 Disc - 2017

Constructed of custom-butted A2-SL aluminum that is both strong and… [more]

Fuji Cape May ST - 2017

Hop aboard the Fuji Cape May Step-Through and set your sights on… [more]

Scott Genius 730 - 2017

Want to make your riding buddies slower? Scott's Genius 730 has the goods… [more]

Bianchi Oltre XR.1 Ultegra - 2017

If you yearn for an intuitive steering, fast climbing, stable descending… [more]

Scott Contessa Speedster 35 - 2017

Light, fast, and affordable—what more could you ask for in a road bike?… [more]

Kona Ute - 2017

Bikes are civilization's perfect tool for transporting you and your stuff,… [more]

Catrike Pocket - 2017

Catrike's Pocket pulls all the features of a full-size trike and packs… [more]

Salsa Marrakesh Flatbar Frameset - 2017

With the smooth-riding, cargo-hauling characteristics of the Salsa… [more]

Fuji SL 1.1 Disc Frame - 2017

Impossibly light and stiff, Fuji’s SL 1.1 is a testament to innovation… [more]

Kona Esatto - 2017

When the road is less than perfect — and that’s exactly what you want —… [more]

Kona Big Honzo DL - 2017

Kona’s Big Honzo DL takes the playful, slack geometry Honzo uses to light… [more]

Catrike Dumont - 2017
$4,150.00 - $4,175.00

Building on the success of a proven trike platform, the Catrike Dumont… [more]

Scott Aspect 780 - 2017

Get out and have some fun aboard Scott's Aspect 780. The light and strong… [more]

Scott Spark 730 - 2017

Hit the trails on Scott’s playful Spark 730. Its light, responsive HMF… [more]

Salsa Marrakesh Drop Bar - 2017

With the smooth-riding, cargo-hauling characteristics of the Salsa… [more]

Catrike 700 - 2017
$2,950.00 - $2,975.00

Catrike's 700 is made for speed. Named for the 700c wheel in the back, the… [more]

Scott E-Sub Tour Men - 2017

Kick your car habit to the curb! Scott's E-Sub Tour is the fast, easy… [more]

Salsa Vaya Claris - 2017

From backroad rambling and rails-to-trails touring to workday commutes and… [more]

Fuji Captiva - 2017

Hop aboard the Fuji Captiva and set your sights on easy-pedaling fun. A… [more]

Salsa Mukluk AL NX1 SUS - 2017

If you've ever ditched a ride because your bike can't hack it, it's time… [more]

Salsa Beargrease Carbon GX 2x10 - 2017

Beargrease does a lot of things well, but it does speed best. Lightweight,… [more]

Salsa Vaya Deore - 2017

From backroad rambling and rails-to-trails touring to workday commutes and… [more]

Salsa Fargo GX 2x10 - 2017

If adventure is a state of mind, the Salsa Fargo is your dreamy,… [more]

Origin8 Fix8 - 2017

Origin-8's Fix8 isn't just a bike, it's part of your lifestyle. It's… [more]

Scott Solace 10 Disc - 2017

Head out and find some solitude on Scott's Solace 10 Disc, a top-tier ride… [more]

Bianchi Oltre XR.4 Dura Ace Di2 - 2017

Oltre means "beyond," and Bianchi's Oltre XR.4 Dura-Ace Di2 will take you… [more]

Salsa Spearfish Carbon GX1 - 2017

Spearfish is Salsa's ultra-endurance full-suspension racing machine. Where… [more]

Bianchi C-Sport 4 Dama - Women's - 2017

There's a lot of sporting to be done on Bianchi's C-Sport 4 Dama. A bike… [more]

Fuji SL 1.7 - 2017

Fuji stripped every unnecessary gram from the SL so you can climb faster… [more]

Scott Scale 760 - 2017

Scott’s Scale 760 is fast, stable and ready for whatever your cross… [more]

Bianchi Infinito CV Disc Frameset - 2017

Beautiful performance and exemplary comfort define Bianchi's Infinito CV… [more]

Bianchi Cortina - 2017

Bianchi's Cortina is perfect for getting around town and campus, running… [more]

Fuji Norcom Straight 1.1 - 2017

Push the limits of your capabilities and cheat the wind during anything… [more]

Scott Contessa Scale 930 - 2017

Scott's Contessa Scale 930 is ready to get out and get dirty on your local… [more]

Scott Spark 910 - 2017

Scott’s Spark 910 is a fantastic option for XC racing, 24-hour marathons,… [more]

Fuji Wendigo 26 2.3 - 2017

Named after a mythical snow monster found in Canadian folklore, the Fuji… [more]

Fuji Outland 29 1.3 - 2017

The Fuji Outland 29 1.3 is an all-purpose trail ripper that's easy on the… [more]

Scott Spark 945 - 2017

From hot laps on your local XC circuit to day-long epics on challenging… [more]

Kona Coco - 2017

Spend a week in comfort and style astride Kona’s Coco and you will start… [more]

Fuji Jari 1.1 Frame - 2017

Get out and crush some gravel on the Jari. The A6-SL alloy frame is… [more]

Fuji Adventure 27.5 V-Brake ST - 2017

For light trail riding, greenbelt cruises downtown, or a daily work… [more]

Scott Genius 700 Premium - 2017

Premium is an apt name for Scott's all-mountain Genius 700. The… [more]

Fuji Silhouette 1.9 Disc - 2017

The Silhouette is made of custom-butted A2-SL aluminum that is both strong… [more]

Salsa Woodsmoke 27.5+ X01 - 2017

When it comes to having things your way, no bike is as accommodating as… [more]

Kona Tonk - 2017

Kona's Tonk handles it all — from meandering rides on sunny days to… [more]


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