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New Bikes for Spring
Bianchi Impulso S-Sport Tiagra - 2017

Yearning for long days on the road, Bianchi's Impulso S-Sport Tiagra will… [more]

Kona Shred 24 - 2017

Kona's Shred 24 is a solid ride that's perfect for small riders and young… [more]

Bianchi Infinito CV Disc Frameset - 2017

Beautiful performance and exemplary comfort define Bianchi's Infinito CV… [more]

Fuji Sportif 2.1 - 2017

Fuji's Sportif features a relaxed riding position for less fatigue and… [more]

Fuji SL 1.7 - 2017

Fuji stripped every unnecessary gram from the SL so you can climb faster… [more]

Fuji Track Pro USA - 2017

Built as a premium machine for serious track racers, the Track Pro USA… [more]

Fuji Transonic 2.1 - 2017

Stop searching for that aerodynamic edge—you’ve found it with the Fuji… [more]

Bianchi Impulso 105 Disc - 2017

Yearning for long days on the road, Bianchi's Impulso 105 Disc will leave… [more]

Scott Voltage FR 720 - 2017

Scott's Voltage FR 720 shreds the black diamond trails, big hits, and… [more]

Scott Scale 765 - 2017

Scott’s Scale 765 is fast, stable and ready for whatever your cross… [more]

Kona Hei Hei Trail 27.5 - 2017

It’s one of the fastest trail bikes you’re likely to find. Kona’s Hei Hei… [more]

Fuji SLM 29 1.3 - 2017

When your goal is the top of the podium, Fuji's SLM 29 will take you… [more]

Catrike Pocket - 2017

Catrike's Pocket pulls all the features of a full-size trike and packs… [more]

Bianchi Lupo - 2017

Bianchi's Lupo can go nearly anywhere; it's equally at home on pavement… [more]

Catrike Expedition - 2017
$2,550.00 - $2,575.00

The Catrike Expedition is built to be extremely stable with a wider track,… [more]

Fuji SLM 29 2.1 - 2017

When your goal is to finish on the podium, Fuji's SLM 29 will take you… [more]

Kona Honzo ST - 2017

Meet Honzo ST, a steel 29er hardtail that lays waste to technical… [more]

Scott Speedster 30 - 2017

Light and efficient, Scott's Speedster 30 delivers effortless speed and… [more]

Salsa Marrakesh Drop Bar - 2017

With the smooth-riding, cargo-hauling characteristics of the Salsa… [more]

Salsa Mukluk Carbon GX1 - 2017

If you've ever ditched a ride because your bike can't hack it, it's time… [more]

Sun Seeker Eco-Delta SX - 2017

The Eco-Delta SX is Sun Seeker's most affordable recumbent trike that also… [more]

Sun Seeker EZ-Tad SX - 2017

Sun Seeker's EZ-Tad SX is a blast to ride everywhere! The combination of a… [more]

Bianchi Impulso Tiagra - 2017

Yearning for long days on the road, Bianchi's Impulso Tiagra will leave… [more]

Fuji Dynamite 20 - 2017

Whether it's dirt trails or the pavement to school, the Dynamite 20 does… [more]

Fuji Nevada 29 1.9 - 2017

Want a great all-around mountain bike that won't break the bank? Fuji's… [more]

Salsa Fargo GX 2x10 - 2017

If adventure is a state of mind, the Salsa Fargo is your dreamy,… [more]

Bianchi Via Nirone Sora - 2017

Introduce yourself to road riding in Italian style aboard Bianchi's Via… [more]

Bianchi Pista - 2017

Bianchi's Pista is a retro track bike that's ready for the track and the… [more]

Fuji Gran Fondo Elite Disc - 2017

When the spirit of competition dominates your reasons for riding longer… [more]

Fuji Cape May - 2017

The Cape May is made for summertime fun. With a clean profile and simple,… [more]

Fuji Jari 1.7 - 2017

Get out and crush some gravel on the Jari. The A6-SL alloy frame is… [more]

Bianchi Specialissima Dura Ace - 2017

Bianchi's Specialissima is a game-changer for the ultralight bike… [more]

Bianchi Oltre XR.4 Frameset - 2017

Oltre means "beyond," and Bianchi's Oltre XR.4 Frameset will take you… [more]

Kona Explosif Frameset - 2017

When all you want is dirt, rocks, and a trustworthy rig that likes to get… [more]

Fuji Crosstown 1.3 Disc - 2017

Constructed of double-butted A2-SL aluminum that is both strong and… [more]

Bianchi C-Sport 1 Disc - 2017

Let Bianchi's C-Sport 1 Disc roll into your life and head embrace the… [more]

Fuji Roubaix 1.3 - 2017

Whether you are an aspiring racer or simply want to get out and explore… [more]

Scott Contessa Solace 35 - 2017

If riding from sunrise to sunset, along beautiful, quiet roads, or to your… [more]

Kona Honzo Ti - 2017

Meet Honzo Ti, a buttery-smooth 29er hardtail that lays waste to technical… [more]

Scott Voltage JR 20 - 2017

Get your child excited about riding with Scott's Voltage JR 20. This tough… [more]

Salsa Marrakesh Drop Bar Frameset - 2017

With the smooth-riding, cargo-hauling characteristics of the Salsa… [more]

Scott Speedster 50 - 2017

Scott's Speedster 50 is an exciting, zippy bike that eats up the tarmac.… [more]

Scott Scale RC 900 Pro - 2017

The Scott RC 900 Pro knows how to do one thing—put you in the limelight of… [more]

Bianchi Kuma 29.0 - 2017

Hit the trails in comfort and style aboard Bianchi's Kuma 29.0. This… [more]

Kona Dew Plus - 2017

Daily commutes, quick jaunts to the coffee shop, and long Saturday morning… [more]

Salsa Pony Rustler Carbon X01 - 2017

The Salsa Pony Rustler Carbon X01 is backcountry leader on the hunt for… [more]

Scott Genius 700 Plus Tuned - 2017

Roots and rocks beware—the Scott Genius 700 Plus Tuned is ready to rumble.… [more]

Salsa Marrakesh Flat Bar - 2017

With the smooth-riding, cargo-hauling characteristics of the Salsa… [more]

Bianchi Infinito CV Ultegra - 2017

Like a beautiful dream that lasts forever, Bianchi's Infinito CV Ultegra… [more]

Sun Bicycles Revolutions 3-Speed - 2017

The Sun Revolutions mixes a modern spin with a classic design. Its… [more]

Fuji Beartooth 27.5+ 1.3 - 2017

With meaty tires made to roll up, down, and over everything in their path,… [more]

Scott Speedster CX 20 Disc - 2017

Mud, mayhem, hand-ups, barriers, and the din of cowbells — Scott's… [more]

Scott Foil 20 - 2017

More aerodynamic. More comfortable. More winning. The Scott Foil 20, with… [more]

Bianchi Intenso Ultegra - 2017

Bianchi's Intenso Ultegra marks a new generation of all day riding… [more]

Tuesday March 7 - 2017

The March 7 offers a range of speeds to tackle neighborhood hills and… [more]

Scott Speedster 10 Disc - 2017

Built to handle everything from centuries and charity rides, to gran… [more]

Scott Scale 940 - 2017

Scott’s Scale 940 boasts a stiff, responsive ride thanks to its… [more]

Bianchi Oltre XR.1 Ultegra - 2017

If you yearn for an intuitive steering, fast climbing, stable descending… [more]

Bianchi Volpe - 2017

Bianchi's Volpe is a versatile go-anywhere-on-any-road bike. It's equally… [more]

Kona Esatto Disc - 2017

Kona's Esatto Disc is the bike you grab when high speed and savvy… [more]


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